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A native of Tokyo, Japan, Chika Takai is truly a girl of many talents and she is an entertainer in the truest sense of the word. Whether on stage or center-court in front of 20,000 fans, she is at home.


Chika Takai says she is not a DJ, but she is an entertainer that DJs. She has become known as the "dancing DJ", a name that has grown on her over time, but she would say is most appropriate. Drawing from her roots as a dancer, she strives to make her performances visual as well as audio experiences. She feeds off the transference of energy between her and the audience. She jokingly says that no one in the audience should be sweating more than she does! Whether center court or in the DJ booth, a passionate exchange of energy is not optional, it's expected. Although she has come a long way since the girl dancing around Tokyo, dancing all over the place will never change and that is what distinguishes her from other DJs.


Throughout pivotal moments of her life, dance has been therapy and vitality for her mind, body and soul that comes to life not only in her passionate performances but also in her teachings as well. She lives to share her passion as a performer. Her passion for dance, music and culture inspired her to study many forms of dance in addition to her first love of modern dance and hip hop. As a dancer, choreographer, and teacher, her contagious spirit, courage and hard work coupled with her versatility for performing has made her a sought-after talent with a passionate spirit and impressive history of creating art that inspires.

Her passion for dance led her to the Atlanta Hawks for 6 seasons. As a member of the dance team, she has been extremely grateful to receive Rookie of Year and Veteran of the Year honors and the absolute pleasure of being captain of the team. From performing with Ciara during the Super Bowl to countless hours working in the Atlanta community, the Hawks have allowed Chika to grow as a performer and an Atlantan.


Chika's journey into fitness is a little different than the typical 'I need to lose weight' transformation story. It was dance that created the perfect segue into fitness. Although dance was her passion, fitness has provided the fuel for her career success. In her quest to be the very best in the industry, fitness has been one of her key competitive advantages. "I am an athlete. And just like athletes in all other sports, fitness training has been invaluable in enhancing my agility, balance and power - all assets required for me to be a tremendous dancer." said Takai.

Her growing love for fitness led her to compete where she became a very successful NPC bikini and WBFF competitor from the start. Just like on center court, the moment she stepped on stage she knew she was home. In her first 2017 competition she placed 1st in NPC Bikini Novice Class and 1st place in the NPC Bikini Overall Novice Division (nationally qualified). Next she took 1st place in the NPC Bikini Open Class and was again the 1st place winner in the NPC Bikini Overall Open Division (nationally qualified again). This journey led her to the WBFF where in her first competition she received her pro card and with one year a top 10 finish in the WBFF's World Competition.


Known as a committed professional with a track record of consistently demonstrating the desire to inspire others through her work and success, Chika launched the Study Abroad Foundation of the Arts (SAFA) ( with the goal of sharing her experiences and helping the next generation of dreamers. Because Chika knows first-hand how difficult it can be to chase your dreams and passions in a foreign country without truly knowing the language and culture, SAFA, a 501c3 organization, makes the road a little easier through an English and cultural literacy curriculum and extensive study abroad experiences.

The Study Abroad Foundation of the Arts (SAFA) is a 501(c)(3) organization that was formed to create professionally, academically and culturally enriching language learning opportunities and study abroad experiences. Although many of our programs are designed for Japanese participants, our programs have been customized for other markets as well.

With an increasingly globalized world, we feel providing access to overseas experiences can furnish students with an array of skills that can be instrumental for success in their native country as well as on the international stage. At SAFA, we live and labor to provide programming and services that expand academic horizons, enhance professional networks and hone language skills.

We believe the international study abroad experiences we create with a strong network of outstanding educational institutions, incredible innovation and world-class organizations can contribute to an excellent professional foundation for future global leaders.

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